BadgeQuest is staffed by highly experienced individuals with a deep commitment to public safety. We provide the highest level of professional service at very reasonable rates.

At BadgeQuest, we are totally committed to quality service. When hiring a new police chief or studying your future public safety needs, you can not afford to make a mistake. When considering our services, we urge you to contact any or all of our references.

Our services are customized to meet the needs of each community. We will be pleased to work with you to design a process that meets the unique needs of your community. The following is a "menu" of some of the services that we provide.



We are committed to assisting you in identifying the best possible individual with the qualities necessary to lead your police department.

BadgeQuest provides a comprehensive means of selecting an individual with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform all the duties required of a Chief of Police. Just as important, BadgeQuest will help you identify the individual who has the management style and values that are compatible with the needs of your community and its police department. Our Police Chief recruitment and selection services include but are not limited to the following:


The culture and needs of each community and police department differ. To develop a profile of the qualities needed by your next police chief, BadgeQuest will meet with and interview community leaders, sworn and non-sworn police department members and citizens. We will review department policies, procedures and activities and will design and administer a police department questionnaire and a citizen survey. This process provides valuable information, affords the opportunity for all stakeholders to participate and lends credibility to the process.


We will assist in the development of job advertisements and suggest the most appropriate and cost effective advertising venues. We utilize our law enforcement network to identify and attract quality candidates.


BadgeQuest will assist in a progressive screening process. We will assist in initial "paper cuts" and through a structured process assist in narrowing the field to those candidates who best meet the needs of your community.


Should you wish, BadgeQuest will assist elected and appointed officials in creating a "Citizen Search Committee". We will help define its role and work closely with the committee members to guide their efforts in screening potential candidates.


An Assessment Center is a powerful candidate evaluation tool, consisting of a series of role-playing exercises simulating challenges that a police executive can be expected to encounter in his/her career. Our exercises will be specifically designed to identify the qualities needed by your next police chief. We will provide assessors of the highest integrity and professional knowledge to evaluate candidate performance.


Occasionally when a vacancy exists, there is a need for the services of an interim Police Chief from outside the police department until the position is filled on a permanent basis. BadgeQuest can provide experienced and highly qualified individuals to meet this need.


BadgeQuest can provide valuable support to your interview process. The final interview of candidates is usually conducted in public and is frequently broadcast via local cable television. We provide an extensive list of relevant and appropriate interview questions and provide guidance and structure to your interview process.


It is not uncommon that after a lengthy and public process a candidate fails to accept an offered position. In most cases this is due to the lack of communication concerning employer and employee expectations. To prevent this from occurring, we will contact each semi-finalist candidate to ensure, to the extent possible, that the position will be accepted if offered.


A police chief must be an individual of the highest integrity. BadgeQuest will conduct a comprehensive background investigation of the finalist candidate prior to a final offer of employment.


BadgeQuest offers a full range of services related to police promotions. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • A determination of the requisite knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics that are supported by job analysis data
  • The development and administration of a customized written examination process
  • The design and administration of Assessment Center Exercises
  • The support for a formal "Promotion Board"
  • Other related services


The hiring of an entry-level public safety employee can be a multi-million dollar decision. BadgeQuest will provide a full range of services pertaining to the hiring of entry level personnel. Our services include but are not limited to recruitment, assessment center design and coordination, structured interview process and background investigations.


Because of our extensive experience and our access to highly qualified subject matter experts, we are uniquely capable of providing training of the highest quality. We will meet with you to assist in identifying your specific training needs. We will then custom design a program to meet those needs and assemble a team of experts to administer the training.


BadgeQuest will provide a team of the most highly qualified practitioners to conduct your management studies. Whether it is a staffing study, strategic planning, team building or a host of other management-related needs, BadgeQuest has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.


Our founder is one of the State's leading experts on police policies and procedures. His service as Accreditation Manager, President of the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Coalition (MASS-PAC), and Chairman of the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission makes him uniquely qualified to address the policy and procedure needs of your police department.


Public trust and the confidence of your community in the integrity of your police department are essential. BadgeQuest will provided administrative, legal and technical support to sensitive internal police department investigations.

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